SH99 Grand Parkway, segments I-1A

Houston, Texas, USA

Date: Décembre, 2021
Maîtrise d'ouvrage: Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
Constructeur: Grand Parkway Infrastructure
Mission: detailed design and construction support

Segment I-1A of Grand Parkway is located to the East of Houston and stretches from the Bridge over US90 to Sta 2+880 just South of SH 146. This segment includes a total of 12 bridges with a total length of 13400’. The maximum spans are of 164’ for concrete prestressed girders and 230’ for steel girders. Among these bridges is Bridge 8 with 50 spans and a total length of 6290’.

FHECOR was responsible for the detailed design of all the structures and is also serving as consultant for technical assistance issues related with the structures and the layout/drainage.

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