9 de Octubre Office Complex

Valencia, España

Structural typology: OFFICE BUILDINGS
Date: January, 2010
Owner: Comunidad Valenciana
Construction: UTE 9 de Octubre (Dragados S.A., Rover-Alcisa S.A. y Construcciones Lujan S.A)
Scope: detailed design and construction support
Architect: AICEQUIP

The Administrative Complex in the 9 de Octubre, situated in Valencia, occupies the block where the ‘old model prison’ used to be located and which dated back to 1877. The size of the site is approximately 190.0m x 180.0m. The Administrative Complex will be able to house 2,500 civil servants and centralize a large part of the administrative services from the Valencian Community.

The construction shall include four office blocks, one on each corner of the site, three of which will have nine storeys above grade whilst the fourth, situated on the north eastern side, will have sixteen. The floor surface area on plan is 31.0m x 30.0m. The transparent façades are composed of a double layer of patterned glass, which guarantee natural lighting and at the same time protection against solar radiation.

Below grade there are three levels which occupy the whole area of the block except those areas where the
‘old model prison’ galleries are to be found. The basements allow the necessary integration and communication between the distinct buildings. Basements -3 and -2 are destined to car parking usage, whilst basement -1 is for offices and archives. The ground floor level is destined to circulation and access to the Administration Complex which is surrounded by green areas.

The horizontal structure is composed of, on all floors, of solid slabs with varying depth suspended beams, depending on the spans and the loads. In respect to the towers, the slabs from the first floor to the roof are composed of 0.35m deep solid slabs which are attached to perimeter frames via reinforced concrete connections.

The vertical structure has been solved with reinforced concrete columns, porticos and cores. The exterior porticos are of great formal importance in the Project.

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