Galician Health Service Building - SERGAS

Santiago de Compostela, España

Structural typology: OFFICE BUILDINGS
Date: July, 1999
Owner: Servicio Gallego de Salud
Scope: detailed design
Architect: Andrés Perea Ortega

The Galician Health Service building (SERGAS) is one of a group of three which along with the IGE building (Galician Institute for Economic Development) and the IGAPE building (Galician Institute of Statistics) form part of the Institutional Campus of San Lázaro.

The SERGAS building is horseshoe-shaped whose floor length is 150.00m x 75.00m. Its structure represents one of the main elements of the architectural proposal.
The building structure is composed of beams which form part of the façade and of the interior space. These beams rest on concrete diaphragm walls and solid columns whose number increases in accordance with the increasing vertical load.

As in the case of the other two buildings, this structure has also been designed to be joint-free, although, here this fact is much more extraordinary due to the outstanding dimensions of the structure.

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