Orona bridge over Urumea river at Epele Industrial State

San Sebastian, Spain

Structural typology: ARCH BRIDGES
Date: November, 2021
Owner: Orona S.Coop.
Scope: detailed design and construction monitoring

The new bridge connects the Orona facilities in the Epele and Lastaola riverbanks, and substitutes a pre-existent concrete bridge, maintaining the road and access layout and improving hydraulic conditions.

The steel bridge is curved and skewed. Two curved and tapered Warren trusses that separate road and pedestrian traffic form the main structure, with a series of transverse beams that support the bridge concrete platform connecting the trusses lower chord.

The steel elements were painted in a clear ash grey colour. Pedestrian pavement has been fabricated using recycled materials, its layout resembling the Orona logo. Handrail is as transparent as possible in order to make the structure visible. The handrail hosts the pedestrian lighting, that’s completed with the trusses ornamental lighting.

Orona retained FHECOR & INJELAN to develop the bridge detailed design and to perform construction supervision works. Urbycolan has been the bridge main contractor. Main subcontractors were Megusa (Steel structure fabrication and erection), Ulma (temporary supports and footbridge), Trelleborg (bearings and joints), Aco (bridge drainage), PVT (pedestrian pavement).

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