Conservative restoration of the Musmeci Bridge

Potenza, Italy

Date: December, 2023
Scope: rehabilitation / strengthening project
Architect: Cesare Onorato, Luigi Ledda, Giovanni Raimondo

FHECOR has won the competition for the rehabilitation of the Musmeci Bridge, launched by the Potenza City Council in 2020. This reinforced concrete bridge is unique in the world. It was designed by Sergio Musmeci, a well-known Italian engineer, and built in the first half of the 1970s. It consists of a membrane that supports the loads transmitted by the cellular deck through punctual supports looking like the fingers of a hand.

The winner proposal included innovative measures to repair the concrete surface and, most importantly, the half joints along the entire length of the bridge. A monitoring system of the bridge will be defined in the project. Several specific technological solutions have been developed in the proposal for this structure. Finally, the development of an urban park around the bridge has also been planned.

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