Two housing towers in Bolueta

Bilbao, Spain

Structural typology: TALL BUILDINGS
Date: March, 2018
Owner: Visesa
Construction: Sukia
Scope: detailed design and construction support
Architect: VArquitectos

The building is composed of two buildings connected under ground by four basements for parking and storage.

The first building has a 9-storey block that occupies the entire surface and in one of its external buildings it has a 27-storey tower.
The second building also has a 9-storey block and a 20-storey tower at one end.

The complex comprises a total of 361 homes, of which 298 are officially protected dwellings, and 63 are social dwellings.

Both buildings have been constructed according to the standard requirements of PassivHaus. Today, it is the tallest Passivhaus building in the world (88m).