Lighthouse refurbishment in Santa Clara Island

San Sebastian, Spain

Structural typology: ART
Date: June, 2019
Scope: Structural consultants during Detailed design and Construction monitoring phases

The renowned local sculptor Cristina Iglesias, Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts in 2015, has designed the sculptural interior, which will not change the external landscape of the island. Her purpose, in her words, is to “create a poetic, physical, sensorial experience to raise awareness of the need to conserve nature and, above all, the sea”.

The inner transformation of the Lighthouse is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Cristina Iglesias, the sculpture workshop ALFA ARTE, the architect Jabier Leukona and the engineering firms LKS KREAN and FHECOR.

FHECOR is responsible of the definition of the necessary works required to ensure the structural safety of the building, apart from the design of the roof, access gateway and the rest of the new structural elements necessary for the proper functioning of the exhibition space.

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