Iztueta Viaduct replacement

San Sebastian, Spain

Structural typology: RAILWAY BRIDGES
Date: December, 2021
Scope: tender design and detailed design

FHECOR ingenieros consultores has developed the demolition project of the Iztueta Viaduct (in Donostia, Spain) and its replacement with a new underpass below the rail tracks.

The new highly skewed structure will be located next to an existing trussed arch bridge built in 1999. The new composite bridge has a concrete deck and a half through steel structure in order to minimize the volume of excavation for the underpass. The girders webs are made up of triangular shapes located in different planes. This contributes to reduce the scale of the new construction, improving its integration with the adjacent existing bridge. It also enhances local buckling behavior of the webs.

One of FHECOR main values when designing relies on the idea of integration of the new structures in the urban environment, giving back the public space to the people and improving neighbors and passerby experience. Decreasing the scale of the different elements, taking care of the details, using adequate materials, colors, and textures and designing efficiently are some of the key ideas to achieve this purpose. Aesthetical sensitivity and an architectural concept behind all the decisions are always taken into account.

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