High-speed Railway Viaducts

Almeria, España

Structural typology: RAILWAY BRIDGES
Date: July, 2017
Owner: ADIF
Scope: tender design

The design of the line contemplates taking advantage of the rail corridor of the current line Murcia-Lorca-Águilas, until approximately the town of Pulpí, thus minimizing the impact on the territory. From Pulpí the line separates towards Vera, bordering the Sierra de Almagro in the east until it joins the corridor of the N-340, which continues approximately to the city of Almería.

The section covered by the offer comprises a total of 28 km. and runs through the municipal districts of Níjar and Almería, in the province of Almería.

Solutions proposed by the UTE for the crossing over the Andarax river:

Taking into account that the stack height of the order of 20 m, a typological solution has been proposed in the form of a prestressed concrete box with spans of 50 meters of light and construction by means of self-shoring. Given the length of the structure, the horizontal (seismic) forces will be transmitted to the abutments through the interposition of seismic dissipaters.

Proposed solutions for the crossings on the AP-7:

In this case solutions of lateral support of the board have been studied by means of double beam with metal latticework that saves with a span the 90 meters of the type crossing. Its construction procedure is based on the thrust of the board from the abutments, this way it is possible to save the highway without cutting traffic.

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