BPR Building

Asunción, Paraguay

Structural typology: INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURES
Date: January, 2014
Scope: detailed design

The BPR building is a printing plant which measures 12.65m high and is composed of two levels above grade. The ground floor is located at the level +0.00, the first floor is located at the level +3.00 and is intended for industrial use and the roof level is not accessible.

The building has a shape of a parallelogram on plan, with sides of 45m and 35m. It is supported by a shallow foundation and it must be pointed out that the ground floor is made of a concrete slab lightened with bricks.
Finally, it must be highlighted that the façades and the roof are made of a three-dimensional brick framed structu
re with steel joints and they are supported by the beams of the roof level and by tree-shaped columns.