Modification of El Molinon Football Stadium

Gijón, España

Date: November, 2009
Owner: Ruta de El Molinón
Scope: rehabilitation / strengthening project
Architect: Proplan Arquitectura y Urbanismo

El Molinón is the oldest professional football field in Spain. It has been in use since at least 1908, and is located on the site of an old watermill, hence the stadium"s name, the Asturian word for "big mill".

The stadium is located in the Parque Isabel la Católica, in the Avenida del Molinón. The stadium is made up of four stands: North, South, East and West, which have been raised and extended over the years since the construction of the stadium at the end of the 1940’s and the beginning of the 1950’s. From this initial period the inner circle has been respected.

At the end of the 60’s, the East Stand, popularly known as the ‘Tribunona’, was extended and consequently the capacity of the stadium, though without affecting neither the surface area nor the height of the stadium.

Currently, the Repair Project is being drafted in relation to the existing structure and the Adaptation Project which contains several interventions to house commercial outlets so as to give the stadium a more modern appearance. These interventions may be summarized as follows: execution of new supports and slabs, elimination, modification and execution of stairs, extension of stands and construction of new roof in the North End, execution of an external cladding composed of steel sheeting and canopies.

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