Barcelona - El Prat Airport Terminal T1 Building

Barcelona, España

Structural typology: AIRPORTS
Date: June, 2009
Owner: AENA
Scope: detailed design and construction support
Architect: Ricardo Bofill

The "Processor” building located in the New Southern Terminal Area of Barcelona airport is a 6-storey block with a total surface construction area of 430,000 m². The main purpose is the flow of passengers throughout the terminal building including: check-in and boarding, immigration and passport control, baggage collection and transport links to the city areas.

Due to the exceptional size of the building, optimization of structure and construction methods is of paramount importance. As the terminal is quite extensive in length and in general size, it would require a large number of joints, hence adding further inconveniences to the project, so therefore the number of joints to be used would have to be minimized. Deciding which would be the best solution for each part of the structure imposes a demanding as well as enthralling task: it should include; concrete cast in-situ, pre-cast elements, composite structures, pre-stressed slabs, solid slabs and steel-decks, just to mention a few possibilities from the wide range of fascinating decisions to be pondered.

Challenges like this, amongst many others, is what we do FHECOR Consulting Engineers.

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