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Alicante, España

Structural typology: OFFICE BUILDINGS
Date: January, 1998
Owner: OAMI
Construction: Dragados Obras y Proyectos – Ecisa
Scope: detailed design and construction support
Architect: Escario Arquitectos

The OHIM building has 16,000m2 below ground level specifically destined towards car parking, and 15,500m2 above ground level destined towards office space and auxiliary buildings.

The underground structure consists of a reinforced waffle slab 0.35m in depth, placed on a grid of columns 7.50m x 7.20m.

The structure above ground level is trapezoidal in shape, with floor dimensions 155.00m x 16.00 m, on plan. These floors rest on headwalls (which resist the forces produced by earthquakes and imposed deformations) on the vertical circulation cores and on a grid of columns 15.00 x 7.20m2. The floor slab is a 0.45m deep waffle slab whose reinforcement is directed towards the columns, placed at every 7.20m and pre-stressed with unbonded single strand bundles directed towards the 15m span.

The building was designed and built without expansion joints, despite its large dimensions.

The auxiliary buildings which are 12.00m x 12.00m and have no inner columns, have been built with post-tensioned reinforced beams, employing high strength tendons, as well as a reinforced concrete slab 0.25m in depth.

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