Ladies and Gentlemen... 'The Magic Box'


This action shall eliminate one of the most degraded areas.

The Public Works representative, Mar Giménez, visited the Works of the new bridge yesterday which the Regional Government of Andalucía is constructing in Montoro and assured they would be finished by March. €7.5 million are being invested in this Project, which is not only being employed in the construction of an overpass to alleviate traffic in the old part of town but to improve the riverside in this area, located on the Adamuz Road, up to the Donadas Bridge. This new area, which acts as a recreation zone shall also have a bicycle lane and new street lighting. Giménez stated that these Works shall benefit in the infrastructures of this district, “whilst at the same time improving the quality of life for the citizens”.

The Mayor of Montoro, Antonio Sánchez Villaverde, indicated that the construction of this bridge would eliminate a degraded area which was previously used by the neighbors to discard rubble and trash. He also stated that amongst different programmes, the Regional Government is investing €80 million in this district.

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