Tarragona opens the new bullring with the 'Castellera' (Human-Castles)


With this competition on Sunday, the new reformed, multi-use bullring shall be opened.

The Tarragona Bullring has finalized its first phase of rehabilitation and structural covering, with an investment reaching €20.2 million. The works have taken place just in time to open the doors next Sunday for the 22nd Edition of the biennial ‘Catells’ Competition, which is a world championship of this speciality which will gather more than 10,000 people into these premises.

The aspect of this bullring shall surprise those spectators accustomed to the image it has presented over the last 125 years of its history. Although the new retractable dome which is to crown the ring is yet to be installed, a part of the covering may be seen. Also the accesses have been improved; there are more emergency exits, new stands and soundproofing. The original modernistic elements have been respected which have complicated the technical intervention.

Josep Poblet, President of the Tarragona Regional Government and owner of the building, stated yesterday that “this way one complies with the regulations for this type of concentration and guarantees the safety of the attendee”. The organization of the “Castell Competition” values that the mobility shall speed up as there are move exits and that the ‘Colles’ (the teams) will have more space in the arena as the refuges in the bullring have yet to be placed.

After the competition, the ring shall be closed to continue with the pending Works, which shall cost a further €7 million. When it finally opens at the end of 2010, the ring which was barely used 7 days a year, shall be a multifunctional area. It will have the capacity for 7,200 seated people and will be managed by an external concession to a company from the provincial corporation and will house theatrical performances, circuses, sporting events, ‘Castells’, bullfights and other activities all year round, independent of the weather conditions, as it will have a 92.4m wide roof covering and will be acclimatized.

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