Yesterday, August 25, on the occasion of the Madrid Athletics Meeting 2019, the new Vallehermoso Stadium (Madrid) was opened. FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores has provided technical assessment to LASTRA&ZORRILLA, the EFTE textile roof fabricator.

The roof, designed by Cano Lasso architects and MC2 engineering studio, consists of 39 modules and has a total length of approximately 210 meters. Each module consists of two steel arches supported in its central part by means of a steel column and in its rear part by a tubular framework that acts as a tie. The textile skin is composed by a single ETFE layer, whose anticlastic curvature allows both the transmission of loads and the drainage of rainwater.

FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores has been in charge of the structural analysis of the elements that form the textile envelope. The study carried out with LASTRA&ZORRILLA team consisted of the design and structural verification of the membrane and the reinforcement cables, design of anchoring elements and study of the construction sequence.

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