The Widening of Rande Bridge Project has been officially announced finalist of the Outstanding Structure Award 2019 by the IABSE, recognizing 'the first long span cable-stayed bridge widened in the world, being a unique milestone in the field of Structural Engineering'. The award also acknowledges a construction sequence 'accomplished without affections to both the traffic on the existing bridge and the natural environment of Vigo estuary in a record time of 14 months for the on-site erection'.

The original bridge over the Rande Strait in Spain opened to traffic in 1981 and it considerably reduced the travel time between both sides of the Vigo Ria as well as increasing the security of the trip. Before the Widening, the peak traffic during summer season reached almost 70.000 vehicles every day which motivated its widening, increasing its capacity from two to three lanes in each direction.

At FHECOR, we are very proud of the great challenges resolved along Pondio and the rest of the Construction Engineering Team for the CJV, composed of Dragados and Grupo Puentes, to deliver this complex engineering project. Congratulations to all the team involved.

Official announcement

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