Last December the main viaduct of the Kasoa Interchange Project was inaugurated. FHECOR’s contribution included both the development of the Detailed Design and the Site Supervision.

The typology of this bridge was the same as the one proposed at the Kwame-Nkrumah Interchange Project (FHECOR’s design as well): it is a composite bridge with three main steel box-girders and long transversal overhangs at both sides. In this case, the span length is 36.5m and the deck width is slightly below the Ring Road: 18.5m, so that the transversal overhangs are narrower as well.

Next to this main viaduct the Interchange Project presents two overpasses, which are still under construction. These are also composite bridges of 12.0m width. Likewise, they consist of two main steel box-girders and transversal overhangs at both sides.

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