Roof structure in Aranda de Duero

Date: September, 2004
Owner: Victoriano del Río Cortés.
Scope: Construction Project for bullring and roof Technical Assistance for Construction Works

The bullring structure of Aranda de Duero is composed of 36 inclined steel frames in circular arrangement with an outer diameter of 80,00 m and an inner diameter of 46,00 m. These frames rest on three concentric pillar alignments, the inner two ones made up of steel pillars and the outer one of concrete pillars. Their foundations are grounded by means of shafts.

The frames support the pre-cast terraces, interior corridors and auxiliary dependencies by means of a set of hollow core slabs.

In the Southern quadrant, the portal construction and an upper corridor are attached to the bullring. They are both made up of a frame of reinforced concrete pillars and beams and a set of hollow core slabs.

The roof structure design of the bullring in Aranda de Duero is a spheroidal one-layer Schwelder-type dome of parallels, meridians and diagonals made of steel, with a 1/7 sag-span ratio. At its perimeter, it is supported by concrete pillars. This roof is composed of commercial steel profiles. In its central part, a compression ring of 30,00 m diameter is placed supporting steel masts which support the moveable part of the roof when opened.

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