Roof structure of bullring in León

Date: June, 2002
Owner: Asuntos Taurinos
Construction: Estructura metálica FAMECA. Sistema de apertura y cierre IESSA.
Scope: Detail Design and Technical Support

The dome-shaped roof was built over an already existing bullring.

The one-layer fixed roof is a Schwelder-type dome composed of IPC commercial steel profiles (parallels, meridians and diagonals) of 1/8 sag-span ratio. At its inner perimeter, it is supported by steel pillars.

The moveable roof-part consists of two semi-spheroidal segments, both of which rest on three beam rails set on the fixed roof and rolling on them in order to allow the opening of the roof.

The open-close system of the roof is put into action by means of a cable winch transferring the necessary pull for the timed movement of the segments.

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