ONGAWA is a Non-governmental organization which focuses on putting technology at the service of human development in order to build a fairer and more charitable society. Since 1996, ONGAWA has been working in Tanzania enhancing people’s lives and communities through the universal and equitable access to basic services such as water and sanitation, and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Since 2014, FHECOR has been collaborating with ONGAWA to support projects in this country with the aim of improving access to basic services like water in rural communities. We are happy to say that as a consequence of those projects 5.000 people have gained access to water, 34.000 have renewed suitable water management systems and 63.000 people have improved their administration of natural resources.

We would like to encourage other companies to collaborate with ONGAWA as a positive way of fighting against inequalities and helping the most vulnerable collectives.

You can find more info about this collaboration in the following link.

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