Widening works of the Spanish highway AP-8 continue being carried out in the Maltzaga connection, located between Bilbao and Behobia. The widening project was elaborated by SESTRA with the collaboration of FHECOR for the Guipuzcoan Infrastructures Agency, BIDEGI.

33.000 vehicles a day circulate through the section which is being modified, and the average daily traffic density increases significantly during summer months.

The works to be carried out comprise:

- The widening of the Behobia-Bilbao carriageway with a transition from 2 to 3 lanes along a distance of 140 meters, and from 3 to 4 lanes along the following 190 meters up to the connection with the access branch to the AP-1 highway.

- The widening of the Bilbao-Behobia carriageway, providing an additional lane for the access branch to the AP-1. Thanks to this modification, the connection to the AP-8 will have a total of 3 lanes. The loss of the third lane will be located 400 meters after the connection, meeting the current 2 lane section there.

FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores has designed the ten different cross-sections existing in the structure according to the Widening Project elaborated by SESTRA.

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