The inspection of structures requires well-trained engineers, who must be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the project to the interpretation of the damage detected and, at the same time, to understand and assess the nuances of the inspected structures. In other words, they should have sensitivity and vision in time and space.

As part of the main inspections performed along SERTECNA for the Regional Government of Navarre, FHECOR had the chance to know an extraordinary bridge of modest dimensions designed by Eduardo Torroja at the end of his career, in 1960, along with his son José Antonio.

The Corella Bridge is 74 meters long with a main span of 50 meters. The bridge deck is 10 meters wide and is composed of two 2.5 meters depth triangular boxes. A bottom flange is added to the boxes near the supports to increase the efficiency by increasing the compression concrete area.

More than 50 years after the inauguration of the bridge, it is in a very good condition. It would be appropriate to ask authorities a clearing of the weeds in order to enjoy the contemplation of this unique structure.

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