Yesterday, the Spanish Ministry of Public Works hosted the re-opening act of ‘Fernando Reig’ bridge, located in Alcoy.
The bridge was closed to traffic in July 2016, after the rupture of one of the stay-cables. It is now re-opened after functionality, durability, and safety enhancement works were concluded.
The platform enhancement works were started in 2015. In addition, a new vehicle barrier was placed, in order to fulfill the current safety code requirements.
The most outstanding operation was undoubtedly the replacement of the 38 stays by new cables. After the rupture of one of the original stays, FHECOR carried out an exhaustive study of the remaining cables, which concluded the necessity for the replacement of the entire stay cable system.
This cable system replacement operation, technically a very complex procedure, was unprecedented, considering the typology of the stays and the scale of the construction.
In the end, the duration of the operations carried out was shorter than expected. This was possible thanks to the technical team, including workmen, authorities’ engineers, consulting engineers and equipment and material suppliers. The whole team conducted the works with great precision and high professional skills.

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